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E S S I E E L K E N !


4/21/22 Added changelog. Added music on main.html. Completed not_found.html. Created blog.html.
4/20/22 Completed index.html. Added lots of cool buttons. Deeeeeep in this old web aesthetic.
4/17/22 Started this absolute hellhole of a passion project. I have too much free time.

Welcome to my site!!!

My name is Essie and I made this for funsies (because apparently I have too much free time) and out of nostalgia for the old web. I'm sick of minimalism and metaverses and monopolies over social media by douchebag billionaires, I wanna go back to the ridiculousness of decentralization and Sailor Moon fanpages with rainbow graphics.

That's a lot of long words... sorry

Anyways, if you're here and you're one of my friends, hi! Sorry if I haven't texted you back (it's very likely no matter who you are). If you're not, well, I can't exactly kick you out. You're welcome here too!

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